Insurance Equipment Leases

We know Insurance Equipment

More importantly – we understand WHY insurers lease equipment. Whether you are concerned about RBC ratios or Surplus, we can structure a solution that will work for your insurance business.

We have solutions to fit your accounting needs including GAAP and SSAP. Our experts are trained to offer insurers structures that will maximize their accounting benefits.  Insurers choose TCS Equipment Finance because we understand the insurance industry and can deliver customized terms with fast approvals while being sensitive to regulatory concerns.

The Surplus Improver℠ lease?
Our Surplus Improver℠ lease can help you manage your Surplus by converting your non-admitted assets to cash. Cash, of course, is an admitted asset. The lease cost is expensed over time, so there is a minimal impact to the P&L while maximizing the balance sheet effect. Surplus Improver℠ is a proven finance product that has been reviewed by public accounting firms, field examiners, insurance commissioners and some of the nation’s largest law firms.

What equipment do you typically lease to insurers?

  • Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment
  • Electronic Data Processing Equipment
  • Application & Operating Software
  • Software customization and training costs

When you partner with TCS Equipment Finance, we want to earn your business for a lifetime. That’s why we have multiple funding strategies to maximize our product delivery capabilities. Whether it’s a fast funding, a low rate or a structured payment solution, we have the experience with equipment for insurance companies and relationships in place to deliver a timely funding.

Give us a call today at (385) 645-8800, so we can get you the perfect lease for the new or used equipment you need for your insurance business, at the terms you want, and deliver when you need it.